SmartSolutions® 360

Number one provider of Smart Cards and RFID Smart Solutions in the Philippines.

Is an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for Industries, which combines various technologies, applications and services for real-time monitoring, resources and data management. SmartSolutions® 360 allow seamless interoperability from one-to-many direct integrations, so customers can truly govern their data, when and how they want it.


With different technologies at our disposal and our other SmartSolutions® 360 working in conjunction with each other our SmartNation® Solution allows Government Agencies real-time data and analytics to effectively manage resources, people, emergency situations, etc. plus the power to predict upcoming trends.


Utilizing SmartDevices® and SmartID® LGU’s can monitor a wide range of data and situations in real-time. Whether it may be traffic, pollution, emergencies, identification or citizen benefits with SmartCity® you are always on top of the situation.


Is a solution targeted for tourist destinations. Track visitors, manage resources, monitor environment conditions all in real-time are just a few of the features of this solution. SmartIsland® also helps manage and monitor island visitor count, visitor’s length of stay and whereabouts to avoid overcrowding.


A smart and powerful end-to-end supply chain system designed for retail stores. This solution provides real-time location, inventory that prevents under and over stock information which is crucial for retail operations.


Is a system developed for office environments, with multi-functional SmartID®’s for automating access, attendance and payments. SmartOffice® with the SmartAsset® module helps in managing assets, office inventory and asset-employee accountability.


Is a campus-wide solution that can be customized for a wide range of campus environments. Through multi-functional smart cards students, school personnel and or assets can be monitored within the campus. Automation of attendance, room access, library/laboratory management and purchases via SmartPay® are possible.